Apple cider vinegar is a perfect kitchen staple that can work wonders for our overall health – including hair, skin, and body weight. Besides it has different uses for household cleaning, cooking, beauty and other purposes.

Improves health risk factors

Being high in acetic acid, it has potent health effects and hence many people use it as a protective agent against many fatal diseases. It is a favorite with diabetics as it is known to reduce sugar levels and improve insulin insensitivity. It is considered good in lowering the risk of heart diseases. Studies have also shown this popular vinegar to be highly effective ingredient for people looking to lose weight, especially belly fat. Consumption of this vinegar makes one feel full for long, hence making it a good weight loss aid. Research has claimed apple cider vinegar to be useful in reducing the risk of cancer. Some scientific studies have linked the consumption of apple cider vinegar with a lower risk of esophageal cancer and have claimed it to contain properties that are effective in killing other kinds of cancer cells. Sore throat can also be cured with its usage.

Serving as an all-purpose cleaner and preservative

Antibacterial properties of apple cider vinegar lead people to use it as a deodorizer and as an effective preservative. Since it is good ingredient to kill pathogens, it works well as a disinfectant for treating lice, warts and fungus. Interestingly, fruit flies and a few other pests can also be trapped with the use of apple cider vinegar along with a few drops of dish soap. It is widely used as a natural agent to preserve food and to remove undesired odors. Cleaning fruits and vegetables in this vinegar water is also said to remove pesticides and other chemical residues effectively.

Beauty purposes

Apple cider vinegar works as a natural remedy for many skin conditions and is known to delay the signs of aging. Not only can the people use it as an inexpensive homemade facial toner but also as an effective hair rinsing agent to add shine to their hair. One can also use it to get rid of dandruff as it can inhibit the growth of fungus. A lot of people also resort to it as the ultimate teeth whitening agent. Given its multiple uses, apple cider vinegar has emerged as a popular kitchen ingredient in the natural health community.


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