Triglycerides are basically a form of fat and commonly referred to as lipids. They are essential to life and basically stored in the body as fat, to be tapped when body demands for calories or energy. But as a saying goes, nothing of excess is good, similarly high triglycerides generally doesn’t pose a serious risk as high cholesterol levels but however carries a similar type of threat. Research has proven that high triglycerides level raises the chances of heart diseases.

Some vulnerable factors that give rise to high triglyceride levels are diabetes, obesity, an excess of alcohol consumption, intake of high carbohydrate/fat diet and even sedentary lifestyle. High Triglycerides levels are even genetic and common in people undergoing certain medications. Dietary changes are perhaps the best method to check triglyceride level and some of them have been discussed below-

Avoid trans and saturated fat and encourage usage of poly or mono-unsaturated fat: Trans and saturated fat usage should be avoided by ceasing the intake of fried and commercially packaged and baked foods. Even animal fat, processed meat should be reduced. Instead, a diet rich in olive oil and fish oil should be encouraged since they decreases the triglycerides and LDL directly. Even soybean oils and corn oil can be preferred to cook meals.

Omega 3 Fatty acids and fibrous rich food should be included: Fishes such as sardines, salmons, herrings are rich in omega 3 fatty acids- a preferable fat- and can be consumed thrice a week. Those who already have high triglyceride levels can opt for Omega 3 fatty acids capsule. For vegetarians, fibrous-rich food like whole grain foods, fruits, vegetables are advisable since they discourage the assimilation of sugar and fat in the intestine thereby naturally decreasing the triglycerides in blood. Even nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashew, and pistachios are rich in fibers and omega3 fatty acid (known to lower triglycerides in moderate quantities) can be consumed in modest quantity.

Reduce intake of sugar and carbohydrate: Refined carbohydrates like bread and processed foods are rich in mono and disaccharides that increases the triglycerides and hence should be cut down from the food chart. Apart from soft drinks and sweets, fruit juice also should be discouraged since the fructose content in them boosts the level of triglycerides.

Intake of Natural Supplements: Studies have proved that certain natural supplements like garlic, fenugreek, cur cumin, fish oil can considerably reduce the triglyceride blood level.

Apart from modifying the eating items, one needs to follow it religiously in a routine pattern thereby improving the insulin sensitivity of the body and in process keeping a check on triglyceride level. Even keeping a check on the body weight helps reducing the triglyceride levels and it can be definitely controlled by following an exercise regime.


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