Food festivals are delightful to all especially if it happens in the month of November – as the chills set in and the smell of food wafts in the air. Read on to know more about the Grub Fest 2018.

The November Food Festival 2018 would be held on the 17th and 18th of November 2018 from 2 pm to 11 pm at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi. The event is all about the good food and drinks where guests would be given royal treatment. There would be DJs and rock bands for the entertainment of guests along with the best of dishes from multiple cuisines.

 Food fests and celebrations in the recent years have gained a lot of popularity and have made amazing progress. These ‘food centrals’ or festivals are so energizing that they pull a large number of people across cultures and age groups. They are often spoilt for choice with the number of stalls that are set up and the amazing array of food that is served in these stalls. There is no limit to the cuisines that one can enjoy and no end to the number of dishes that are cooked up to feed the adventurous taste buds. The Food Festival gives an opportunity to also check for newest food trends, food that is gaining popularity both health wise and taste wise, cooking methods, fine dining, gourmet food, fusion cooking-you name it and you have it. It bears the promise of being an amazing affair with good music, good food and amazing beverages- entertainment at its best. It is surely going to be a November to remember.      

The Food Festival promises to satisfy guests with food from more than one cuisine – both from India and abroad. It is a celebration though held once every year, satisfies the foodies in Delhi as food is the focal subject.  This Grub Fest is also an arena for networking where chefs and home chefs get to meet and express their appreciation and also grow their business. It acts as a stimulant for both the parties.


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