Hypothyroidism is actually an autoimmune disease characterized by the insufficient production of hormones viz triiodothyronine (t3) and thryroxine (t4) by the thyroid gland, situated at the front bottom of our neck. Although regular medication is essential to mitigate its traits and further worsening, diet plays an imperative role in restoring the normal absorption of thyroid hormones. So some of the foods that can be consumed or avoided during this condition have been discussed below as a better guide for you –

Foods to avoid:

1.       Cruciferous vegetables-Vegetables like Broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale, Spinach are considered to contain compounds like glucosinolates which interferes with the normal production of thyroid hormone and they are released when these vegetables are cooked. Otherwise, if they are eaten as a salad in normal proportions are good for health. So reducing the intake or avoiding them is a better option for correct medication.

2.       Gluten rich food- Those with hypothyroidism should minimize the usage of protein rich food called gluten and fiber found in whole grain varieties of rice, pasta, bread since they may interfere with the functioning of the small intestine and clog the absorption of thyroid hormones

3.       Soy rich food-Soy rich food like tofu, Miso should be best avoided or not to be taken four hours after taking medication since they are believed to contain compounds like isoflavones which interferes with the normal secretion of thyroid hormones.

4.       Iron and Calcium Supplements- These supplements along with antacids with magnesium or aluminium should be avoided specially in the morning since they adversely react with the synthetic medicines prescribed for your medications.

5.       Fatty and Sugary food- Fat like butter, mayonnaise, margarine and sugary food like chocolates and creamy cheese cakes should be dodged since they disrupt the ability of the body to absorb the synthetic thyroid replacement hormones.

6.       Processed Food and Fast food- Processed foods or fast foods like French fries, potato chips are high in sodium and people with hypothyroidism must avoid or lessen sodium intake since it is prone to increase the blood pressure. Ideally, you should avoid these foods but even if you want to have once in a while should stick to recommended daily intake.

Foods to have:

1.       Iodine rich food- Researches have proven that iodine deficiency is the primary cause of hypothyroidism.  Since iodine cannot be synthesized by the body so food rich in iodine like seaweeds, seafood like fish, lobster, shell fish shrimps and fortified cereals should be consumed to meet up this deficiency.

2.       Antioxidants- Varieties of berries, nuts, seeds and green leafy vegetables are abounding sources of antioxidants, which helps to fight conditions arising as an after effect of hypothyroidism like stress, increased inflammation and other chronic illness.

3.       Vitamin B12- it is found that people with this condition has a relatively low content of Vitamin B12 that leads to general weakness, impaired memory, decreased reflexes, loss of memory. So rich sources of Vitamin B12 like fish, poultry meat and eggs are recommended for hypothyroid people.

4.       Vitamin D- Eggs, dairy products like Greek yoghurt, milk, cheese are a rich source of Vitamin D and researches have proved that people with conditions of hypothyroidism are likely to be Vitamin D deficient. So the intake of this food would ensure to prevent the disorders caused due to Vitamin D deficiency.

5.       Selenium-rich food – Selenium is found in the highest percentage in the thyroid gland and is essential for the enzymes that assist in the normal functioning of thyroid gland. So the optimal amount of selenium should be included in the diet for preventing thyroid abnormalities. So selenium-rich food like eggs, nuts, and seeds should be consumed for overall better health.

Overall, a slight change in your dietary intake as discussed would definitely assist you in handling the hypothyroid condition effectively.


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