Whether you are traveling for business or you are taking a good, long adventurous break with your friends or on a family vacation, all these often lead to unbridled indulgence. Nutrition game goes up for a toss most of the times when we are traveling and it is easy to give into temptations and go for unhealthy foods when cravings are strong and hunger pangs strike. Often foods that we consume during our travel are devoid of high nutrition and it can get easy for us to fall prey to several types of diseases such as food poisoning, indigestion, dehydration, ulcers and so on. Hence, one needs to watch out what they eat and be very careful when making food choices while traveling. Here is a list of safe and healthy foods to stick to when traveling to another place.

1) Healthy snack options – It is important to snack on healthy foods periodically rather than stay hungry for long hours. Snacking can help refresh mood and also fight off hunger pangs that often strike us in-between the major meals. Go for light, hydrating snacks during travel that are both nutritive and also easy on our digestive system. Pack in a lot of nuts and dried fruits to snack on in a healthy manner.

2) Fruits – One of the best things to depend on to satiate your hunger pangs when travelling are fruits. You can almost never go wrong with fresh and seasonal fruits. However, be very sure that you are consuming only quality and uncut fruits. Fruits stored for a longer period of time after being cut can lose all their nutrition and in fact, lead to severe health issues as they seem to get contaminated by getting in contact with open bacteria.

3) Granola bars – Grab a bite of your protein-packed granola bars for that instant supply of energy while you are on the go. You can pick up these energy bars from supermarkets or even make your own ones at home by mixing some nuts, honey and caramel or energy supplying ingredients that are your super favourites.

4) Yoghurt – Traveling often leads us to forget our daily source of calcium and protein and also expose us to a lot of viral infections and diseases. The risk of getting infected when travelling can be lowered when we boost our immunity functions by going for the healthy dose of yoghurt almost daily. Wherever you travel, it is easy to get a packet or a box of yoghurt. You can also mix your favourite berries or some dry fruits with your regular bowl of yoghurt to give it a sinfully delightful twist.

5) Leafy vegetables and seasonal produce – No matter where you are travelling to and which part of the country you are exploring, it is easy to find local green vegetables everywhere. Take a plate full of green, leafy veggies and salads that are specific to your place of visit at least once a day to make up for the high nutrient content of other healthy foods that you may have to lose when travelling.


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