A low-fiber diet is often to be a highly effective diet plan for people with digestion problems. Foods which are low on fiber give the gastrointestinal tract adequate rest by restricting the amount of food that is left undigested and that passes as waste through the large intestine. Often people suffering from digestive problems such as the colitis, abdominal cramping, diverticulitis, and other such inflammatory bowel syndromes and bowel surgeries are prescribed to go for this kind of diet. It is also recommended to be on a low-fiber diet when suffering from diarrhea. Below are the best low-fiber foods to include in the daily diet for a healthy digestive system.

Vegetables – They are high in fiber but also an essential part of a diet since they contain vital nutrients and vitamins. Dieticians recommend an average serving of 2-4 cups of vegetables per day. Having vegetable juices is also good for the digestive system. However, always cook the vegetables properly to help you get them digested quickly. Tenderly cooked and skinned or seedless veggies are easy to digest. Prepare recipes, casseroles, soups, and stews that require a lot of vegetables.  

Fruits – Called the wonder foods, fruits are the answer to anyone suffering from lack of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They are also an excellent source of fiber and daily intake can promote metabolism and good health. Doctors worldwide suggest at least 2 serving of fruits – either cut, canned, frozen or dried forms to maintain overall good health. Almost all fruits can be easily digested but soft and skinless or those without seeds are suggested for people on a low-fiber diet. Apple, peach, orange, watermelon, soft cantaloupe, banana, apricots, and honeydew are examples of easily-digestible foods.

Grains – A higher number of servings of grains such as wheat, whole wheat, rice, oatmeal, and cereals are recommended to help the body get the desired energy levels to continue with their daily activities. Cereals without seeds, added fiber, raisins, and also whole grains are recommended for those who wish to be on a low-fiber diet. Products containing seeds, bran, whole wheat germ, buckwheat, granola seeds require time to be digested and hence best avoided when on such a diet.

Dairy products – Although dairy products are not always easily digestible, they are a must in the diet plan for they provide protein, calcium, and vitamins to our body. However, limit the servings of dairy product like milk to 2 servings per day or to a couple of slice of cheese or a bowl of yoghurt. Including non-fat or skimmed milk and unsalted butter or plain yoghurt is probiotic, and provides the body with immunity needed to fight off infections.


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