Soya chunks are a great source of protein which is why they are a great alternative to meat and eggs for vegetarians. Soya can be cooked in various ways for both snacks and meals. So here are a few irresistible soya recipes that you must try right away:

1) Soya Manchurian


· Soya chunks-1 cup

· Refined flour-1 tbsp

· Salt-to taste

· Ginger garlic paste-1 tsp

· Cornstarch-2 tbsp

· Vinegar-1 tbsp

· Soya sauce-1 tbsp

· Sugar- ½ tsp

· Red chili paste-1 tsp

· Oil

· Ginger (finely chopped)-1 tsp

· Garlic (finely chopped)-1 tsp

· Onions ( chopped)-1

· Green chillies chopped-3


· In some hot water, soak soya chunks for 10 minutes, squeeze and keep aside

· Now in a bowl, add refined flour, ginger garlic paste, salt, cornstarch, soya chunks and mix well

· In a wok, heat oil and deep fry the soya chunks, keep aside

· In a small mixing bowl, add vinegar, soya sauce, sugar, red chili paste and mix well

· In a wok, heat 3 tbsp oil and add ginger, garlic, onions, salt, green chilies and saute them well

· Add the soya sauce mix prepared above, fried soya chunks and saute them all for 3 minutes

· Serve

2) Soya kebab


· Soya granules-2 cups

· Vinegar-2 tbsp

· Breadcrumbs-2 cups

· Salt-to taste

· Garlic paste-2 tsp

· Black pepper- ½ tsp

· Chopped onions- ¼ cup

· Chopped green chili-2 tsp

· Red chili powder-1 tsp

· Oil for frying


· Soak the soya granules in hot water for half an hour

· Squeeze them well and keep them aside

· In a mixing bowl, mix all the ingredients mentioned in the list except oil

· Now shape the mixture into round tikkis and refrigerate for an hour

· In a wok, heat oil and deep fry the soya kebab till they are golden brown from both sides

· Serve with mint chutney

3) Chili Soya Nuggets


· Soya-100 g

· Salt-to taste

· Garlic paste- ½ tbsp.

· Oil-2 tbsp

· Spring onions chopped-1 cup

· Green chilies- chopped-2 tbsp

· Soya sauce-2 tbsp

· Vinegar-2 tbsp


· Soak soya nuggets in hot water for 10 minutes

· Squeeze the water from the nuggets and keep them aside

· Now in a bowl, add nuggets, salt, garlic paste and give it a toss

· In a wok, heat oil and add onions and saute them till they are golden brown

· Add green chilies, salt, soya sauce, vinegar and soya nuggets

· Stir-fryy over high heat for a minute

· Serve hot

4) Soya curry


· Soya chunks-1 cup

· Onions chopped-2

· Tomato chopped-1

· Curry leaves-2

· Cumin- ½ tsp

· Green chili chopped-1 tsp

· Ginger garlic paste-1 tsp

· Red chili powder- ½ tsp

· Garam masala- ¼ tsp

· Hing-pinch

· Oil

· Salt-to taste

· Coriander chopped

· Desiccated coconut-1 tsp


· Soak soya chunks in hot water for half an hour

· Squeeze the water from soya chunks and keep them aside

· In a wok, add oil and add cumin seeds, hing, curry leaves, onions and green chilies

· Fry till the onions turn golden brown

· Now add ginger garlic paste and mix well.

· Add red chili powder, garam masala, soya chunks and salt

· Now in a grinder, grind tomato and coconut and add this to the wok

· Add some water to make a thick gravy

· Bring the mix to boil and cook on a low flame for 5-7 minutes

· Garnish with chopped coriander

· Serve


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