Hectic lifestyle and lack of proper nutrition are causing more and more people to succumb to bone loss and medical conditions that result from bone weakness. Studies show that most people, especially women, start losing their bone mass after the 30s and hence are more prone to get into serious medical issues later on in their lives. A proper diet can help mitigate the risks involved with a weak skeleton. Here is a list of some of the best bone building foods that can boost the development of healthy bones and muscles and lessen the risks associated with diet deficiencies.

  1. Seeds – Enriching the body with calcium-rich foods is the first step towards strengthening bones. Our muscles and bones are largely made of calcium and hence intake of high on calcium foods can improve our bone health. However, it is not just calcium alone that contributes towards the bone-building but other minerals too play a significant part in it. According to scientific research, about 50% of the bones in the body are made of magnesium. Lower levels of this mineral can induce bone health problems. Take a lot of seeds along with your foods such as flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and other such seeds to lessen the risks associated with calcium loss, fragile bones, and poor muscle strength. Seeds, being rich in magnesium, can improve bone health and make up for the calcium loss that may arise due to improper nutrition.
  2. Green vegetables – Leafy greens are superfoods, packed with all essential nutrients that can boost bone mass development. Hence, make it a ritual to include leafy greens in some form or other as part of your daily diet. Being rich in magnesium, calcium, vitamin K and calcium, intake of green veggies can not only help in protecting the bone health but also build new bones. The presence of fat-soluble vitamin K in greens can reduce the risks of bone deformities and hip fractures.
  3. Nuts – Nutritionists stress on the importance of a higher intake of nuts in meals for strengthening the bones of the body. Bone cell breakdown and build-up occur almost daily and it is for this reason that they stay sturdy and strong and take less time to heal even after a break. However, including foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids can lessen the occurrence of bone breakdown and also boost bone formation constantly. Hence, dieticians and doctors advise people to include nuts such as walnuts and Brazil nuts that are amazing sources of magnesium that constitute half of our bones. Nuts rich in alpha-linolenic acid are also suggested to be made a part of the daily diet to improve bone mass. Other foods such as soybeans, soybean oil, canola oil, and nuts play a significant role in bone development but due to their high fat and high-calorie content, limit their serving size.
  4. Dairy products – Many of us think that milk and dairy products are largely needed only during our childhood years and hence most people stop or lessen the intake of milk after their teens. However, bone development does not stop even when during our teens and beyond that. Healthy bone mass development can be seen even during the 20s provided we include the right nutritional foods. In fact, women lose estrogen during menopause and in turn more calcium, due to which bone loss occurs. Thus, the consumption of milk and dairy products is strongly advised at this time.

Intake of above bone-building foods can improve bone health and lead to more new bone development. Along with these, regular exercise and following a healthy lifestyle can lead to good bone mass. Cut down on alcohol and smoking as it can prevent new bone formation.


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