Diabetic food has to be chosen carefully but it doesn’t imply restrictive feeding on highly specialized boring and flavorless food. The mantra is to be careful and choose healthy foods rich in protein, healthy fats, fiber and avoid high carbohydrates, sugar or salt-rich items. The nutrient-rich diet will assist to keep the blood sugar level under control. Hence some interesting snack option has been discussed for a healthy yet delicious snacking routine.

Hard-boiled Eggs:

They are healthy snacks for diabetics as well as non-diabetic people as it controls the rise of blood sugar level. They provide fullness and keep s away from the cravings for munch items. Either you can have two hard boiled eggs or even have it with some healthy toppings.

Raw Almonds or Cashews-They are a rich source of protein and fibres with a negligible amount of carbs and almost no Trans fat. A handful of these nuts are enough and fulfilling since they are quite high in calories.

Avocados-A one half or one-fourth of avocado alone or with healthy dips like guacamole is a completely satisfying and nourishing snack and helps to manage the blood sugar level. Restrictive usage is recommended since they are calorie dense food.

Roasted and Salted Peanuts-Salted Peanuts, a rich source of protein is all time favourite snack item. They are overall healthy snack item with healthy fat, high fibre, mineral and antioxidants content.

Roasted Chickpeas-The roasted crunchy and highly addictive chickpeas are a rich source of protein and fibre and taste great. Consuming chickpeas is believed to prevent the advancement of diabetes owing to their capacity of managing blood sugar levels.

Veggies dipped in hummus-Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, bell peppers with hummus spread, made from ground chickpeas, sesame seeds, olive oil and garlic, makes a great healthy combination loaded with fibre, vitamins and minerals. It is a tasty snack that satisfies cravings and regulates the blood sugar level effectively.

Apple with peanut butter-Apple is a rich source of vitamins and minerals while peanut butter is rich in fibre and mineral.  Both together not only makes a healthy and tasty treat for diabetics but also play a major role in protecting the pancreatic cells owing to their antioxidants characteristics thereby keeping the blood sugar level under control. Other fruits like banana, pears have similar health effects.

Popcorn– Air-popped popcorn is one of the best whole grain snacks food for better management of diabetes and they are even low calorie. Spicing up with little garlic powder or cayenne to add taste.

Black-Bean Salad– Black bean is a storehouse of protein and eating them after a meal helps lower insulin level thereby regulating blood sugar level. Simply add chopped onions and dress it up with vinegar and black pepper for a heavenly taste.

Celery with Peanut Butter-Celery are low-calorie antioxidant-rich plant and when this celery sticks are used as a salad with peanut butter dressing adds more protein with fibre that helps control the sugar level

Protein Bars:  It is better to avoid the protein bars available in the market since they make contain unhealthy ingredients and high sugar. Homemade protein bars can be made with whey protein, oat flour and peanut butter and include as a sweetener to lower the sugar content. They are healthy proteinaceous snacks that add taste to buds.

Overall all these items are healthy as well as tasty options for a fulfilling smacking time.


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