Here are some simple and quick recipes for people who lead a busy life and have no time to experiment with their meals:

1. Sooji upma
Ingredients :

  • Semolina flour – 1 cupGhee / vegetable oil – 1 ½ tbsp.Split black gram – 1 tspOnions (chopped) – 1Green chillies (split lengthwise) – 2Curry leaves – 10Carrots (diced boiled) – ¼ cupGreen peas (boiled) – ¼ cupSugar – 1 tspKosher Salt – as per tasteWater – 2 ¼ cup

Directions :

  • Place semolina in iron pan and cook it over medium heat until toasty but not browned for 2 minutesNo heat ghee / vegetable oil until shimmering, add mustard seeds and split black gram, stir well for 30 seconds then add onion, fry until they are soft, add the slit chillies, curry leaves and stir until fragrant for a minutesAdd the carrots, peas, red chilli powder, sugar again stir for a minuteNow add toasted semolina and stir vigorously until the mixture looks like a wet sand for about a minute.Add salt and pour some waterNow reduce heat to low and cook for about 2 minutes.The upma absorbs water very quickly and tends to dry out too.When the upma is slightly runny, serve immediately

2.   Semolina pancake
Ingredients :

  • Semolina – 1 cupCurd – 1 cupOnion – 1Onion sliced – 1Capsicum – halfBeetroot (grated) – 2 spoonSpinach (chopped) – 2 tbspGreen chillies – 2-3Salt – as per tasteOil – for shallow fry

Directions :

  • Put semolina in a bowl and add curd, mix wellCover it and leave it for 6-7 hoursAfter sometime, semolina would be fluffy and batter would be thick, add sugar 1-2 spoons, salt as per your taste and mix well.Now heat the pan with 1 tspn of oil and 1 spoon of batter, spread it around. Apply a little oil at the edgesWhen it’s slightly cooked sprinkle the chopped vegetables on that.Now flip it on other side and leave it for 2-3 minutesAfter it’s cooked both sides, serve it with green chutney

3. Semolina yogurt cake
Ingredients :(For the syrup)

  • Water – 1 cupGranulated sugar – 1 cupLemon juice – 1

(For the cake)

  • Semolina – 1 cupSugar – ½ cupYogurt (plain) – 1 ½ cupVegetable oil – ½ cupEggs – 3Flour – 3 tbspVanilla extract – 1 tspBaking soda – ½ tspBaking powder – 1Salt – ½ tsp

Directions :

  • Preheat the oven to 350 F, spray cooking oil or vegetable oil on a baking dish and line it with baking paperTo make the syrup boil the water and sugar in a saucepan and after it’s done stir in the lemon juice, set aside and let it coolFor cake, take a large bowl, beat the eggs and sugar then add yogurt and oil, mix wellAdd baking powder, baking soda, vanilla extract and all the ingredients, stir well until the batter is smoothNow bake the cake for like 25-30 minutes until the top turns golden brown and is setNow pour the cold syrup over the surface of the warm cake,Add the remaining half just until the cake looks moist but not saturatedLet it cool before serving 

4.   Banana semolina halwa Ingredients :

  • Semolina – 2 tspGhee – ½ tspBanana (small, mashed) – 1Warm milk – 1 cup

Directions :

  • Heat ghee in a pan add rava and roast it until golden for about a minuteAdd warm milk and mix well, cook for 5 minutesAfter it, mash the bananas and mix it wellWhen the mixture starts leaving the sides and bottom of the panTurn the lid off, and serve it coolGarnish it with a cherry on top or chocolate syrup


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