Making a healthy food choice while traveling is not as simple as it is believed to be. Most of the airlines do not offer food these days unless you are traveling in business class or first class and even if they do, chances are rare that it would turn out to be something healthy. While you are counting to buy something from airports or flights, you will end up spending a pretty good deal of amount than you would when eating at places outside of it. Moreover, the situation is no different when traveling by car or bus since you end up buying from roadside food outlets that have more of junk foods in the offering that leave you lethargic, restless and bloated. The most feasible and wise solution would be to pack your own meals and stay healthy. Here is how you can do so:

Plan your food items:Varieties of options are available depending on the duration and the means of your travel. Some of the perishable and nonperishable items that can be carried easily are hard boiled eggs, vegetable salads tossed in olive oil, yogurt, cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread, hummus cup while the dried items include nuts, fresh or dried fruits, packets of almond butter, protein bars, crackers. Even whole fruits like plums, peaches, bananas remain fresh for quite a number of days. Pre-made sandwiches with bacon paired with cheese toppings, along with eggs make for a great breakfast or lunch while you can carry a thermos with boiling water along with instant soup sachets to go with buns or wheat bread. Dried nuts, whole fruits along with yogurt can easily fill your belly for a short snack.For beverages, you can carry packets of drink mix or explore alternatives like iced tea or lemonade. You just need to buy bottles of water to prepare them. Even protein shakes are feasible options.Pack food properly:Pack your foods properly in airtight secure containers to prevent damage or leakages, even zip locks are handy. If you intend to keep your food cold for long hours then look out for bags of frozen vegetables as ice packs or gel ice packs to freeze them. Steel containers or airtight plastic containers are best suited to keep the food fresh.If you are on a long trip it is not feasible to carry all the items at one go but the alternative is to visit the local grocery shop and buy little finger food that requires less time and technique of preparation. For instance, choose to have oatmeals or whole grain cereals and milk which can be instantly prepared in a microwave or kernels to pop in them. So consider looking for accommodation with refrigerators and microwave for convenience and the extra money saved can be spent on your sightseeing and pleasure shopping.In all, an important factor is to avoid stress and stay happy to enjoy the trip wholeheartedly with the freedom to have your favorite items in right portion sizes.


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