The national association of street vendors India, or more commonly known as the NASVI food festival is a brilliant opportunity for you to unleash your inner foodie and have a fantastic and fulfilling day. The food festival that brings forward street vendors with delicacies from all over the country is definitely every food lovers dream come true.

The 2018 NASVI food festival hosted some of the mouthwatering delicacies of festival food from different parts of the country and it will be even bigger and better this year. Along with these festive foods, temple foods and organic food markets were also offered by the famous street vendors from various cities in different states in India.

More than 8,67,426 vendors are represented by the 636 street vendors that group together to form the national association of street vendors India or NASVI. These varied and experienced street vendors bring forward a plethora of amazing snacks and Indian dishes that can make any foodie go crazy.

The fantastic event, which is one of the signature events, takes place in Delhi. It celebrated it’s tenth-anniversary last year as a favorite food festival of the locals and of the tourists and travelers who made it a point to add the festival to their list of annual itineraries.

The festival is a celebration of Indian culture and food and brings forward the concept that Indian street food could actually be healthy, hence trying to eliminate the existing stereotypes that absorb the very nature of Indian street food. The food carnival is made all the more special with many music and entertainment events which make the entire experience even better.

Whether it is vada pav, pav bhaji, and Tava pulao straight from Maharashtra; Dosa and Rava idli made to perfection from our fellow Tamil Nadu chefs; Poha, Moong halwa and bhel chat from the kitchens of Madhya Pradesh;  Traditional Bihari Litti chokha and mutton; The ever-famous Punjabi butter chicken and Chole Bhature, accompanied with delicious lassi and Jalebi; Some Kashmiri pulao and saffron phirni from Kashmir or some local Chena Poda and Piyaji Pakaudi from Odisha, that you are looking for, the annual NASVI food festival is just the place to visit to eat all of that and much, much more!

If you have been planning to take a trip to the different parts of India but are on a budget, this is your chance to grab this opportunity while you can, to experience the street food of almost twenty-five Indian states and feel like you are right there, walking in the streets of Delhi enjoying some Gol Gappas or sitting at Juhu Beach in Mumbai and eating some delicious Dabeli from the local vendor!


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