We all must have heard about the goodness of including vegetables in our staple diet but even consuming one vegetable juice as that of lauki on a daily basis can work wonders for our health is little known to all. According to studies, just a cup of lauki juice packs in a good dose of Vitamin C and Zinc, which in turn helps in overall healthy maintenance of our body cells. The active anti-oxidant present in bottle gourd or lauki helps in cell protection and cell damage repair. Here are some of the proved benefits one can derive from lauki:

Helpful in Weight Loss: Lauki juice is the favorite of all weight watchers. Packed with vitamins, iron and potassium, lauki juice makes for a highly nutritious beverage that can curb unnecessary hunger cravings and keep in check the fat cells from building up in the body. Drinking a cup of lauki juice early in the morning on an empty stomach is said to offer greater weight loss benefits.

Aids Digestion And Treats Constipation: High water content along with soluble and insoluble fiber in a cup of lauki juice makes it a beneficial vegetable for people with poor digestion and constipation problems. Most problems related to digestion such as flatulence, acidity and chest burn can be treated with just a juice of lauki.

Cools our body: With a high water content, lauki and its juice helps provide a cooling effect to our body. Feature lauki as part of your daily diet to help replenish the water and essential minerals that are mostly lost in the form of sweat. Drinking juice extracted from lauki can also be effective in replacing lost water content during diarrhoea, sweating, fatigue and loose motions. Revitalize your body with replenishment of the lost water content.

Flushes out toxins: Lauki and its juice are diuretic in nature and hence it helps in removing the excessive water content from the body. With toxins being thrown out, your body will have higher immunity to stay safe against the common infections and diseases.

Regulates blood pressure: People suffering from higher blood pressure and heart diseases are also advised regular intake of lauki in some or the other forms. Scientific studies have shown this power-packed vegetable to be highly helpful in controlling heart diseases and in regulating blood pressure.

Get smooth and shining skin and hair: Beauty experts just swear by the regular consumption of lauki and its juice. A serving of lauki daily can improve the health of your hair and skin. Untimely grey hair can be prevented if you add a bowl of lauki vegetable as part of your staple diet. Moreover, it cleanses the system internally and maintains the secretion of oil from the body thus promoting a healthy and beautiful skin.

With the innumerable  benefits of lauki mentioned above, start including it in your daily menu in some form or other and make the most of the advantages that it offers.


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