Maintaining a healthy diet is not a big task with a little bit of compromise with your diet schedule for a day or two in 15 days. Sometimes it becomes tough, especially if you are out on vacation or on a business tour with so many tempting foods on your plate. But self-discipline and perseverance can help you avert the situations. Little planning and certain hacks prove handy to stay on track of your fitness goal and they have been discussed below-

Be prepared:The best way is to prepare few nutrient-rich diet foods to take in your carry-on luggage before you leave. There are very few commutes that can offer you healthy options and you end up having junk foods, thereby feeling bloated and lethargic. So pack up snacks items and drinks like nuts, packets of peanut butter, unsalted almonds, containers of hummus, yogurt, skimmed milk,  protein shakes, fruits, protein bars which will keep you full and energetic.

Balance it out:When you are out, it’s likely you end up making choices which are generally detrimental for your diet plan but then you need to smartly balance it out. For instance, if you have enchilada, have it with fresh vegetable salad without any dressing instead of chips or salsa sauce.

A little bit of research:Research on the itinerary of the places of the visit will help you gauge the situation and ultimately assist you in deciding your meal items as per their availability in advance. Use different apps to find local eateries and make your choices wisely.

Follow a schedule for meals:Make an effort to maintain a time schedule for the meals that you have, although a little bit of here and there is permissible since in a foreign place with business meetings or schedules lined up it becomes little difficult to maintain a stringent timetable. This will allow you to plan your meal in advance rather than gobbling anything anywhere when you are famished

Skipping meal is a bad idea:Avoid skipping a meal. Have a healthy and nutritious breakfast followed by a lunch and then a small but healthy snack in the evening followed by dinner at night. It is okay to have your favorite dish or an ice –cream once in a while but be mindful in having a balanced meal with a proportionate amount of carbohydrate, portion size protein, vegetables and healthy fats.

Stay hydrated:Another important factor is to have plenty of water to keep you hydrated and full to prevent those unnecessary food cravings. Moreover, dehydration leaves you strengthless and physically inactive. Avoid soda and alcoholic drinks or beverages like tea or coffee since they lead to dehydration.Overall although food is not a priority while you are traveling but make sure that you do not ignore your diet schedule altogether. You can always have a cheat day in your diet routine for a day while you are on the go and have what you desire to,  but be diligent enough to get back to the normal course so that you regain your power and strength.


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