How many times have you seen yourself in the mirror and wondered, “What can I do to make myself fit?”. People have been asking this question to themselves every morning while making a resolution that today they’ll eat only healthy food. But unfortunately every now and then they indulge into unhealthy snacking that impacts their physical and mental well-being drastically. Here’s how you can ensure to eat clean and lean.   

Set yourself a goal 

Planning to eat clean and become fit with any goal is equivalent to running a marathon in the opposite direction. Whether your goal is to burn fat or gain muscle or even maintain your current body weight, you first need to identify which among the 3 you want to achieve. Setting a goal gives you a steady direction to work in.

Create a custom diet and track it 

Once you have figured out your goal, you have to build your diet according to it. If you are planning to shed some weight and burn body fat we recommend you to create a diet which is caloric deficit. This means eating less as opposed to how much you are eating right now. 

Again if you are planning to gain muscle mass then you should be in caloric surplus i.e. eating more calories than you are currently eating. Now, the question is how you can know these “calories”. There are plenty of tools online which calculate calories required by you as per your height, weight and activity level. You can track your daily calorie intake as per your goal and change your diet accordingly.

For example if you require 2500 calories to maintain your body weight then consuming 2000 calories/day would lead you to loose 1kg in 7 days. Whereas, eating 3000 calories/day would lead you to gain 1kg in 7 days. 

Choosing what to eat in a diet can be tricky. We recommend healthy lean sources of protein such as chicken breasts, eggs, tofu and paneer. 

Avoid Refined Carbs 

Complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, sweet potato and oats should be eaten rather than simple white breads. Healthy fats such as olive oil, egg yolk and fish oil capsules should be consumed instead of creams and butter. 


Avoid Refined Sugars 

The key to a healthy diet is removal of processed sugar, starchy and oily food and alcohol. All these three things create hormonal imbalance in your body and will harm your physical and mental stature. 

Sugar is known to be the biggest cause of multiple diseases in human body. Therefore, once you stay away from sugar, after a point you’ll never go back to it or crave it. 


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