Ragi is fast emerging as a popular choice of food among health conscious people and rightly so as there is innumerable range of benefits associated with its consumption. This food grain has high nutritional value and hence placed at the top of the food chart by nutritionists and dieticians. It is considered to be highly suitable for people who have celiac disease or are intolerant to wheat or gluten present in other grains or cereals. People with high lactose intolerance are also shown to receive health benefits from the consumption of this nutrient-rich food grain. Here are some reasons why you should include Ragi in your diet:

1. Rich in calcium – Being a great source of calcium, it is said to be a wonder food grain for people who are little sensitive to the consumption of dairy products. It is one of the finest non-dairy sources of calcium and hence often used by people to lower the chances of bone and teeth problems later in their lives. Dieticians also recommend increased intake of this food grain to all those who are at risk of getting osteoporosis and bone loss or teeth problems. Growing kids and infants are also given Ragi in different forms for strengthening their bones and helping in their growth.

2. Good for people with high glucose levels and diabetes – Doctors often recommend people with high blood sugar levels to include Ragi recipes as part of their diet. It has high range of dietary fiber as compared to other grains such as wheat, maize or rice. Moreover, the low glycemic index of this food grain lessens the cravings and helps in supporting the digestive system. Grain seeds are coated with polyphenols and dietary fibres – which are helpful in keeping blood sugar levels to a safe range.

3. Maintains youthful, glowing skin – Ragi flour is also known to have vital amino acids such as Methionine and Lysine that can be beneficial in reversing the ageing process and firming up the skin tissues to delay the onset of wrinkles. Increased intake of this super food grain in daily diet is also said to lessen the chance of skin problems such as sagging and fine lines. Being a great source of Vitamin D, Ragi is consumed for boosting the energy levels and increased vitality.

4. Fights Anemia – Rich in iron, Ragi is highly recommended for anemic patients and people with problems cropping out of lower hemoglobin levels. Sprouted Ragi contains high levels of Vitamin C, which in turn paves the way for higher absorption of iron into the bloodstream. Dieticians recommend including different and tasteful ragi recipes such as dosas and balls made of flour for the maximum absorption of iron.

5. Works as natural relaxants – People with stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia are advised to make Ragi a part of their staple diet for the presence of antioxidants and relaxants in them.Amino acids also help it relieve the body of stress. Migraine suffering people also receive benefits out of its consumption.


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