Being vegan is all rage these days and a proof of its popularity is the increasing count of people taking it up as their preferred dietary choice. There are millions of followers in America alone and a large number of celebrities and dieticians across the world who advocate it for a healthy body. Vegan Diet is essentially a plant-based diet that excludes any kind of animal products and also dairy products such as eggs, gelatin and honey. People strictly following such a diet includes only grains, vegetables, cereals, nuts and fruits as part of their meals. However, they are different from vegetarians as they restrict the consumption of dairy products from their diets unlike vegetarians.

Balanced Vegan Diet offers all nutrients

Often people take up the vegan diet for promoting ethical treatment of animals, while some may also choose it for the innumerable health benefits it offers. However, cutting down all kinds of dairy products and animal meat from the diet also requires one to add more foods that are rich in omega fatty acids and are high in nutrients so that nutritional value from an animal source is not compromised.  Including more grains, pulses, beans, legumes and also other plant-based sources as part of the plant-based diet ensures that the body gets enough protein required to sustain an active and healthy life. Incorporating dairy alternatives like soy protein or pea protein can also replenish the energy given by dairy products.

Health Benefits offered by Vegan Diet

The plant-based diet requires you to increase your intake of dietary fiber in your meals. The rich fibers helps stave off hunger cravings for longer period of time and hence you will end up snacking less on unprocessed, junk foods. Restricting from animal meats which have high levels of fat content and other dairy products with high calories will help in maintaining an ideal body weight.Besides aiding in weight loss, going vegan also helps in keeping the heart healthy. Restriction of saturated fats by cutting down on meats and animal products will boost the cardiovascular health and also reduce the chances of a cardiac arrest. Studies have also shown vegan diet to be effective against certain cancers. Incorporating fruits, whole grains and vegetables reduces the risks of colon and prostate cancer. Chances of breast cancer among women are also shown to go down drastically when they switch to vegan diet.Type 2 diabetes patients are recommended to try out this diet as it is highly effective in helping them control their high blood sugar levels. Research has also shown this diet to be beneficial in protecting people from arthritis and osteoporosis. Moreover, this diet based on restrictions on the consumption of animal meat is also said to promote longevity and improve your overall health.


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