One of the best ways to culturally experience a place is to taste the authentic food that the place has to offer. Food of any place offers an insight into the traditions, customs and also the values of the people of that place. It is not just a meal that you consume for satisfying your cravings when on a local cuisine exploration trip during your vacation but it is also an attempt to understand the lifestyle of the residents of a place. Hence make sure that you open up to new flavors, tastes, cuisines and experiences of a new place rather than sticking to tried and tested specialty cuisines, “recommended” foods and tourist-safe choices while travelling.

Talk to locals about specialities: An important way of exploring authentic local food while on your trip is to talk to your local friends. Take the advice of people whom you know in a foreign land to understand their food habits and also to find out dishes that are worth a try. Dump the guidebook instead approach locals as a book might only suggest food places that most tourists may like but not the off-beat ones.

Explore food markets and flea stalls selling local dishes: Visit the farmer’s market when traveling to taste the local cuisine of a place. By taking a trip to the local food stores and farmers’ markets, one can understand the local specialities of a place and also taste the seasonal produce. Often restaurants and big hotels have dishes on their menus which are made not with seasonal fresh produce but from frozen items, which may cause more harm to the body. Hence, exploring the local food stores will give an idea as to what is fresh in season and also help in making the right choices at restaurants.

Eat where the locals eat: When making hotel reservations, you can opt for a home stay or take on rent a lodge serving home food to get a taste of the regional favorite foods. Staying with the locals will give you an insight about the origin of their local foods and also help you taste some unconventional items that are not likely to be served in five star hotels. As a food traveler, you can also get an idea about the spices and herbs that most people in a place like to inculcate in their cooking habits and unravel some food secrets that you perhaps would not have the chance to know while staying in big hotels.By savoring the local cuisines on your travel, you will find that you are engaging not just your taste buds in local delicacies but also enriching your soul with new food experiences and immersing in the local culture. Open up to new flavors and tastes even though they sound unfamiliar and may seem off-putting at the first glance if you are in the quest to explore the culture of a place through food in your travel.


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