Millets may not have been as popular in demand as other cereals and grains such as rice and wheat but they have long been an integral part of our food cultures and a staple food grown widely and consumed all over in India. It is fast catching up with them for their multiple health benefits over refined grains. Rising health concerns are prompting more and more people to make a switch to wonder grains like the bajra, jowar, or ragi millets. The high nutritional value in millets have made them super crops and promoted them notches above a lot of cereals, thereby pushing up their global demand.

Dieticians and doctors across the world are also suggesting people include millets in any form in their daily diet for the lifestyle and health advantages they are known to carry. Most of our nutritional requirement can be met with a daily consumption of delicious millets in our staple diet. There are many wonderful and easy ways in which millets can be included and not all the recipes have to be bland or boring just because of the main ingredient being millet. Here are some recipes that use millets and still taste wonderfully well for the way they are cooked.

Millet porridge: One of the most common ways of including millets in the daily diet is by preparing porridge with roasted and boiled millets. Babies and growing up adults are often given millets in the porridge form for promoting their bone development and boosting their immunity. Add a lot of fresh fruits in the porridge to make them more tasty and nutritious.

Millet pancakes: Eating porridge or millet drinks can be quite boring every day. Hence, you can add a little twist to the bland millet by making small pancakes out of it. Roast and boil the millets or your choice and mix a bowl of millet with a glass of buttermilk to form a batter with a medium thick consistency that can be poured easily on a hot tawa. Make small pancakes and serve them hot. You can also add a lot of vegetables in the batter to make them flavoursome.

Upma: Substitute the rava which is traditionally and most popularly used for making upma to rustle up another healthier and delightful dish. You can use ragi or other millet to make a nutritious alternative to the conventional upma.

Sweet dishes: Yes you read that right…Millets such as ragi and bajra can be used to make sweet and healthy alternatives to high-calorie loaded sweets. Make halwa or sweetly baked cookies with use of ragi or bajra millets. You can also make baked sweet pies with millets and add fruits such as apples or spices such as cinnamon to take their taste to a whole new level.

Pizzas or dosas – Did you always consider pizza as an unhealthy, junk food but now there is a healthier and nutritious version that can be made very easily with the use of millets. Replace the all-purpose refined flour with millet flour to make the pizza base or make thin crusts with kodo or fox millets.

Above-mentioned recipes are some interesting ways in which millets can be included in our daily diet. Coming up with more innovative recipes with millets can create a win-win situation for consumers, farmers, and sellers of this wonderful cereal.


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