Road trips are always fun and thrilling. Driving at your own pace, stopping over whenever and wherever you desire and heading out on the open road with all of your favorite items tanked up in the car and tunes playing out loud in the car audio device can prove to be the ultimate relaxation that you may need sometimes. Long car trips can also be delightful and healthy when you pack some delicious snacks and meals to keep your stomach satisfied and put your cravings at bay to best enjoy the ride freely.

Packing – in meals become all the more essential when you are traveling with kids so that you would not have to fall back on junk street food and unhygienic eating conditions that are commonly seen on the road. Here is a list of some of the interesting meals that you can prepare for your next long car rides:

Sandwiches – One of the best options for long car trips is to pack in healthy, super veggie and cheese sandwiches that can last for many hours and also taste great while heading out on the open road. They are easy to pack and can be had even while driving. There are plenty of ways in which you can prepare your sandwich depending on what ingredients best suit you during long road travel.

Pasta salad made with meat and veggies – Kids love pizza and pasta and whenever they are out on the road the most common thing that they desire for lunch is pizza or pasta from roadside eateries or fast food chains. If you do not want your kids to munch on those calorie-loaded and unhealthy pizzas from roadside cafes than you can prepare your own pasta recipes at home and pack them in individual containers for lunch during your car trips. Moreover, pasta cooked with veggies, meat, and cheese will keep you full for a longer period.

Breakfast Quesadillas – It is always a good idea to start early to beat the morning traffic and getting out early might leave you with little time for breakfast at home. Hence, it is best to pack some meals that pack in good protein and carbs to stay you energetic throughout your car ride. Prepare some quesadillas with bacon, eggs, and cheese for those hearty breakfast stop during your long road trip.

Muffins – Children often tends to get very restless and hungry quickly, especially during car rides. Often they also desire to stop at every café and sweet shop that dot the highway for grabbing a quick bite of junk food, burgers and sweet pies. However, it is best if you carry some light snacks such as muffins made with bananas or pies made with apples and avocados or baked egg boats spiced up with veggies and loaded with cheese to keep their hunger cravings at bay.

Turn your long car rides more fun with healthy, power-packed lunch boxes that can keep your children satisfied and also boost your energy levels to complete long car journeys without experiencing stomach cramping or complete exhaustion.


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