The CICO diet has a very simple concept – the creation of calorie deficit in the body. This means the consumption of fewer calories than what is used resulting in weight loss. As in the case of all diets, CICO have gone viral on social media channels and it has its share of pros and cons and can have mixed results in terms of weight loss.  

The concept 

The concept behind CICO diet is that the food you eat is not important but the number of calories consumed for losing weight. This strain of thought stems from the fact that 1 pound of fat equals to 3,500 kcal. If one consumes a certain number of calories and burns the same amount, then being selective about foods becomes irrelevant. All calories become equal as one is burning off what he is eating.  


The CICO diet involves the counting of calories of everything that is being eaten. Nutritionists often express the importance of tracking the number of calories that clients consume. There is scientific evidence to support this weight loss method. A systematic review published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association in 2011 showed the relationship between weight loss and self-monitoring strategies like maintaining a diary or noting thing on a mobile app. Researchers have found that there a significant association between weight loss and self-monitoring.  


Like most other diets, CICO too has its own share of cons. The most important issue is that it does not take into consideration the nutrient composition that one consumes. It might lead to insufficiencies in the long run especially fiber, vitamin D, potassium, and calcium. It might also dieters to eat a particular type of food devoid of vegetables and fruits. It does not take into consideration the long-term healthy eating habits that would only help in regaining the weight lost soon after.  nbsp;


If you choose to follow the CICO diet, you should know the appropriate portions and nutrients to be consumed and not only the calorie count. A weight loss program should be based on balanced diet, personal preferences and individual requirement and not on calories alone. Weight loss regimens can only be successful if it is maintained over a long time and without developing deficiencies.   


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