Lunch is one of the most important meals of a person’s day and if you are a working professional with the need to have more energy to keep you productive and alert throughout the rest of the day then you certainly cannot skip it. There might be some days when you run out of time or feel too tired in the morning to whip up a healthy nutritious lunch but forgoing the idea of gorging on nutrition-loaded, high-quality lunch is something you just cannot do away with that easily. Moreover, with some healthy recipes given below you would not have to rack your brains too much in the morning for preparing delicious and healthy lunch box.

Power packed sandwiches – Not all sandwiches have to sound like junk food. Give them a healthy makeover in your lunch box as you load the whole-grain bread with veggies, avocados and cheese slices. Get your dose of nutrition and fiber as you much on veggies and retain the taste and texture with delicious sauces. You can also prepare non-veg sandwiches with meat slices and pork or other sauces as you prefer. Sandwiches will help you stay full and energetic throughout the day.

Chickpea rice bowl – Boil some brown or red rice and toss it up with steamed vegetables and boiled chickpea along with some mustard oil and greens to give a flavorful, healthy twist to boring rice. It is a quick and easy meal which is just ideal for those hectic days when you are stressed for time during the morning hours.

Salad wraps with meat slices – Wraps loaded with cheese, veggies, meat slices and lettuce leaves are a perfect lunch box recipe for all the protein lovers who are watchful of the carbs they take in during their meals. Wraps blends in the taste along with nutrition to make your lunch a power packed one.

Tuna and baked veggies boats – Give your boring lunches a flavorful turn with a tuna, fennel, apple, cheese, and other vegetable loaded hot dog. Loaded with proteins, this powerful lunch box recipe is sure to keep your productivity levels very high.

Sweet potatoes and broccoli in a bowl – If you are someone who does not have prefer to have too heavy, fried and stuffed dishes during the working hours then you might as well try this simple but protein-packed recipe. Place some diced vegetables, meat slices, broccoli, and sweet potatoes in a baking dish and layer them with thick cream, cheddar cheese, radish sauce and dress it up with miso sauce. You are sure to find some soul-soothing moments of comfort with a bowl of this delicious dish in hand during the midst of hectic working hours at the office.  

Lunchbox need not have to be boring anymore. Step aside from the usual dishes and pack in your bags with foods that will keep you fueled and filled well through the other half of the day. Get your big nutritious hit in the middle of the day with some interesting and healthy lunch box recipes.


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