Your desire for a dream vacation can go droll rum since paying for hotel stay has become expensive as the hotel rates are constantly on the rise. Paying for a hotel stay is the second most costly expense on your travel list that weighs down your pocket, the first being the fare of your transport. But not to forget that not all travelers are millionaires but the trick to have a comfortable stay without giving any strain to your wallet is to get/ bargain the best deal. There are several ideas that can help you to save money for other important things like sightseeing, shopping, good food and few of those hotel hacks have been listed to help you out for your next trip-

Book through several websites/ mobile app: There are several websites or mobile apps that help you find and book travel accommodations at 30-40 percent lower price than the listed rates. A little research work will definitely help you to get through this app. For e:g – if you are traveling abroad then websites like Momondo, will not only offer you cheap rates but also a list of multiple hotels to select from.

You can even try your luck by directly calling the hotel front desk and you may end up getting discounts or upgrades. This is especially true during off seasons.

Choose a new hotel: Choosing a new hotel will give you an edge for your pocket since they are sure to give you discounts for promotional purpose. The marketing strategy to get good reviews and recommendations from their customers is the prime motive and this will be a huge advantage for you.

Use different types of perks: If you are into a corporate look out for the travel corporate perks if any that your company has to offer. While if they don’t have any you can talk to your near and dear ones to check if they have any access to such discounts and avail them. Apart from this credit card holders can also sign up for reward programs that can be redeemed for cheap or free hotel booking.  Another good option is to sign up for hotel reward programs if you are a regular traveller. Many hotel chains have their own programs that offer you reward points for your stay and they can be encashed for your later stay to avail good discount deal and maybe even free stay for few days and nights.

Sidestep several services: Paying tips for room services can be avoided by going out and having your food at the local outlets, which is even cost-effective. Use your hotel mini fridge for storing eatables that you can have any time, rather than ordering it in a hotel room. Do your laundry on your own if you are on extended holiday rather than paying for laundry services at hotels.

Look out for alternative accommodations: You can even choose to opt for other alternatives like a vacation home, hostels or rentals as they are far cheaper than hotels. Many hotel booking sites have started listing such venues since people have started looking for alternative accommodations.

While following these hacks can fetch you good discounts, but try your smart negotiation skills and plan well to make your hotel stay a great one.


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