If you were over drunk last night and now suffering from nausea, fatigue, dizziness and headache, you are definitely a victim of a hangover. It is quite obvious for your body to react this way if you had too much of this drink, but it can be these symptoms can be taken care of by taking certain foods. But the last and the least preferred option would be to load your stomach with junk food to overcome this condition since it would only worsen your body conditions. So some healthy food options have been discussed below to combat your hangover.

Bananas: They are a rich source of potassium and magnesium and helps combat the situation by replenishing the lost potassium due to alcohol intake. Potassium helps in overcoming tiredness caused due to dehydration. Banana is a natural antacid that helps fight acidity.

Oats: Oats are a good source of vitamins and minerals and reduce the acidity level thereby cleansing the liver. They are a steady source of sugar and hence increase the blood sugar level and releases energy. It helps fight the symptoms of fatigue and anxiety.

Coconut Water: This is a natural drink and helps replenish the electrolytes like sodium and potassium lost due to overdrinking. It is as good as a sports drink and helps in rehydration and overcoming tiredness.

Eggs: Eggs are a rich source of protein and help raises the serotonin level thereby boosting the mood and relieving the feeling of nausea. It is also a rich source of amino acid cysteine, which helps the body to fight against toxins, a byproduct of alcohol consumption.

Sardines & Salmons: Both are rich in Omega 3 fatty acid, which aids in decreasing inflammation caused due to alcohol intake. It also supplies the body with vital minerals like sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride and calcium thereby curbing the hangover

Soup: Soup like vegetable soup or chicken soup helps in rehydration due to its high sodium content.

Ginger: It is an excellent cure for nausea and treating stomach upset caused due to a hangover.

Fruit juice: Fruit juice helps regain the lost vitamins and minerals thereby rehydrating the body and combating the hangover situation.

Asparagus: Researches have shown that extracts of asparagus double the effect of enzymes that helps break down alcohol and prevents liver damage.

Crackers: Alcohol consumption interferes with the liver function of regulating blood sugar levels thereby decreasing the sugar level of the body. This can be enhanced by intake of carb-rich foods. Crackers are a good source of carbs, so consuming this carb rich source increases the blood sugar level.

Overall avoid drinking in excess since an excess of anything is bad and even if you do so occasionally, try out the food or drinks that been discussed to combat the hangover symptoms.


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