The best thing about the festivities is food and one cannot think of enjoyment without them. Although each part of the world has their own specialty and uniqueness about their culture and tradition, cooking and relishing the dishes is an activity loved by all. Even though everyone has their own preferences when it comes to celebrating festivities, good food- without a doubt is enjoyed by all. Some of the finest festive foods are traditional recipes, which are universal and also have been passed down several generations but what has changed is mannerism of preparation and presentation. The recipes of some of festive mouth-watering and healthy dishes have been discussed below-

Mediterranean Pasta:

A healthy dinner loaded with vegetables is easy to make and well garnished with cheese to make it a healthy and tasty choice for the festive season. The gluten-free dish packed with loads of fiber and nutrients can be made in one pot by boiling pasta, onions, tomatoes, olives, thyme, cumin, vegetable broth, artichoke hearts together. Once the pasta is cooked properly, the broth so formed will also be reduced simultaneously and it can be immediately served in a plate seasoned with salt and pepper and well garnished with parmesan cheese and herbs.

Garlic flavored Ravioli:

It is a great Italian appetizer to add a new dimension to the festive holiday menu. Simply combining bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, and Italian garlic seasoning followed by dipping it in buttermilk and then doubly coating it with bread crumbs to bake it or deep fry it in hot air in batches until golden brown leads to the end result- garlic flavored ravioli. It tastes heavenly when served with mama mia Sauce Mix (made with crushed tomatoes).

Cheesy refried bacon beans dish:

Another spectacular, highly addictive appetizer to start off the main course loaded with a classy combination of cheddar cheese, bacon and ranch. Adding refried beans to the healthy combination and baking it with sour cream and cream cheese topped with more cheese makes it incredibly flavored. To top it all, garnish with green onions and tomatoes to make it colorful and fresh and serve hot with tortilla chips and crackers for dipping.

Roasted cauliflower spicy dish:

The totally vegetarian recipe made with roasted cauliflowers cooked in a butter chicken inspired curry served with Indian bread or steamed rice really tastes heavenly. The gravy made of tomatoes, well sauteed with onion garlic and a lot of aromatic spices like paprika, chilli powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, cardamom followed by cream at the last, just tastes and smells like the fragrant rich chicken curry. To top it all add butter after adding the oven roasted cauliflower florets for a smoother and perfect silky appearance.

Chocolate Fruitcake:

Classic chocolate fruitcake is an alternative to traditional fruitcake, made with flour, chocolate, butter, brown sugar, brandy, cocoa powder, vanilla essence, flour mix mixed with almonds, cranberries, sour cherries, raisins, currants all mixed well and baked in the oven and decorated well with cherries and whipped cream for that delightful topping.

Pomegranate and ginger cocktail:

It is a classic, healthy cocktail made by boiling pomegranate juice, sliced ginger and lemon juice with little sugar and then served with mineral water or soda water and tequila.


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