If you are passionate about travelling and also love to taste different cuisine then take a foodie trip round the world to enjoy new and varied cuisines and experience new cultures. Every place has a unique cuisine and a taste of the local foods can give a traveller a fair idea of the lifestyle and cultural influences of a country. Here is a pick of few of the most popular mouth-watering destinations that food connoisseurs can choose for a wonderful gastronomic experience.


Bangkok is a perfect stopover in Asia for all food lovers because of its variety of foods and an abundance of cheap street food vendors. Delicious treats can be found in every nook and corner of the city. From tangy lemongrass and garlic flavoured soups to wonderful rice dishes cooked with spices, and sour and salty snacks, you can find all kinds of flavoursome food on the vibrant streets of the country. Trying the signature Thai rice or spicy noodles to healthy salads and pancakes or delicious seafood or curries, there is something to suit every taste. Soak up the aromas and also get to learn about how the locals perfectly balance the distinct flavours in their cuisine.


Even if you are not much of a foodie, it will be difficult for you not to indulge your senses in the feisty flavours available on a platter in Spain. Culinary treats of Barcelona, Catalonia and Lograno are sure to bowl you over. Explore the foods at the traditional Tapas bars and cider houses for a taste of the region’s specialities and also head to the local markets for exploring the local produce. Good food, wine and great company will help make your food trip quite a fabulous experience in the stunning cities of Spain.

New Zealand

There is more to explore in New Zealand than the natural wonders and mesmerizing scenic sights. Be it the famous city of Christchurch or the laid back sleepy towns in the country, you can dig into some of the finest local favourite foods and feel like you have been transported in a foodie’s hub. The variety of dishes and craft beer or the wines will certainly leave you with a fabulous foodie trip experience. Do not forget to indulge your senses in a Maori cooking experience or a Hangi feast to understand the Maori way of life when on a food tour in NZ.


Soak up the unique and diverse cultural experience of India with a culinary tour of the fantastic country. Be it the spicy Punjabi cuisine or the sweet flavours of Bengal, be it the rustic charm of the Bihari platter or a taste of royalty spread on a thali from Rajasthan or MP; be it a taste of the rich aromatic flavours from Awadh or the flavoursome Chettinad cuisine from down South, the platter from India combines all kinds of sweet, tangy, sour, bitter and spicy flavours in a way that no other place can do. Discover the subtleties of this diverse country in their cuisines. Your food trip is sure to leave you with a rich wealth of new experiences.    


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